What is my POP3 & SMTP server?

What is my POP3 and SMTP server?
Your POP3 server is mail.yourdomain for example:


Your SMTP server is given to you by your Internet access provider.
We have tried to find the most common SMTP addres:

Freeserve: smtp.freeserve.net

Lycos: smtp.lycos.co.uk

BT Connect: smtp.btconnect.com

Nildram: smtp.nildram.co.uk

NTLWorld: smtp.ntlworld.com

Pipex: smtp.dial.pipex.com

Purplenet: smtp.purplenet.co.uk

Supanet: smtp.supanet.com

Telewest: smtp.blueyonder.co.uk

Tiscali: smtp.tiscali.co.uk

UKGateway: smtp.ukgateway.net

V 21: smtp.v21.co.uk

Virgin: smtp.virgin.net

Waitrose: smtpmail.waitrose.com

If you still need help with this please do contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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