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RelicHost offers great prices for registering domain names and we can provide the majority of domain name extensions. We are able to register most domain names and have the DNS information setup within 24 hours, so you can get your website up and running in a day.

Some of our more popular domain extensions are listed below, however if you are interested in a domain extension that is not listed below, please contact us for a price.


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Have a Domain already?

If you already have a domain name you have two great options; the first one is to transfer the domain name to us and we can manage it for you. Your details will still be recorded as the domain name owner (and none of our details will appear in any of the contact information unless you want it to). You can transfer any domain name that we have listed on the drop down menu of the ordering system.

The second option is to point your domain name to us. This way can be a lot faster for some people and if you are happy with your current domain name registrar then there is no reason to change. If you would like to point your domain name to our servers, then the following information will help you:

For Web Hosting customers, please change your name servers to the following: ( DNS / NS )

DNS Information for Linux Shared / Reseller Hosting

Nameserver 1:

Nemeserver 2:

Nemeserver 3:

Nemeserver 4:

For Reseller Hosting customers, the DNS / IP information will be located in your Welcome email (as these Nameservers are private and only shared by the Reseller customers).

UK Domains IPS TAG are only for domain name registrars and do not need to be changed, unless you are transferring the domain to us.